Anavar 25mg Genetix Deal


Oxandrolone is one of the best oral steroids available today. The anabolic component can be considered low if compared to other oral anabolics, but it is as strong as the best of them in anabolic quality. What exactly makes Oxandrolone so special? There are a few reasons that place Oxandrolone in the top of the oral steroids, but the most important is the fact that this drug is a very potent anabolic, but at the same time it does not carry with it strong androgenic side effects. Although Oxandrolone is not a mild steroid, it does not convert into DHT, and actually very little is aromatized. That is one of the main reasons it does not cause the same side effects that most oral steroids do. There is also no estrogen buildup, which equates to smaller and less bloated water retention. Thus, Oxandrolone can be used for longer periods of time, with fewer side effects.

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