Human Growth Hormone


HGH Canada
HGH or Human Growth Hormone is produced in the pituitary gland helps to promote the growth in young adolescents. However as we start to age the growth hormone in your body starts of decline. Once we reach 30 the level of HGH in our body goes down by 25% every 10 years. HGH is considered by many as the fountain of eternal youth and this is one of the most sought after exogenous hormones in our times. It is widely used by Hollywood celebrities and it comes with a large number of benefits for performance athletes. One needs to remember that though anabolic in nature, HGH is not a steroid but a hormone like oestrogen or testosterone. Thousands of people around the globe take HGH supplements not just to look young but also to enhance their performances. Residents of Canada looking for a way to obtain HGH Canada can check out the website of .
Benefits of Human Growth Hormone
Deep Sleep: People on HGH enjoys deep sleeps and usually wake up in the same position they went to sleep.
Silk smooth skin: HGH improves skin texture resulting in a youthful appearance.
Enhanced Metabolism: Proper doses of HGH prompts the body to burn carbohydrates at a much faster rate. According to recent researches, HGH has an important role to play in the fat metabolism and its conversion to sources of energy. There are many who use this hormone to maintain and enhance lean muscle mass while on a diet.
HGH also leads to stronger bones, improved blood pressure, enhanced immune system and better cardiac output.
HGH helps to promote the synthesis of new protein tissues during muscle recovery or repair.
HGH improves sexual performance and helps to produce more energy.
HGH promotes increased muscle mass. Those who work out regularly can notice a prominent boost in the muscle mass after the first HGH cycle with moderate enhancements on the subsequent cycles. However this enhancement in muscle mass cannot be compared to the steroid induced enhancement. While the steroids enhance the muscle mass quickly but temporarily, HGH can lead to the creation of new muscle cells. Therefore muscle gains from steroid are temporary but that from HGH is long and persistent.
HGH also promotes better endurance and enhanced performance.
It leads to enhanced cholesterol level and improved eyesight and hearing.
HGH leads to faster growth of nails and hairs.
It helps to prevent muscle wasting
Dosage: Athletes usually prefer HGH injections since that is the most effective dose. You can also find HGH pills and HGH sprays in stores but it has been proved that injection produces quicker and lasting results. The injections should be administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. However the HGH dosage for an individual would depend on their purpose of use. For regular HGH therapy the average dose is 1iu-3iu. However bodybuilders need to inject between 2iu -4iu a day. Female bodybuilders can take 1iu-2iu a day. There are athletes who use between 6iu to 8Iu in very long HGH cycles lasting up to 16 weeks.