Testosterone Cypionate Genetix


Genetix Pharma TESTOSTERONE CYPIONATE 250mg/ml
Manufacturer- Genetix Pharma
Pharmaceutical name- Testosterone Cypionate
Vail Size- 250 mg/ml
Active life- 15-16 days
Dosage- men, 250-1000 mg/week (or as advised by the physician)
Genetix Pharma testosterone Cypionate injection is an intramuscular injection that contains the drug called testosterone Cypionate which is a primary male and secondary female hormone responsible for many normal day to day functions in the body. The testosterone is essential for growth and development of genital, muscle and bones and is extremely essential during puberty to attain normal sexual development.
The testosterone is an hormone and drug that belongs to the class of drugs called Androgen whose most essential function is to help the body develop and mature normally for example development of muscles in the body.
The testosterone Cypionate is oil based steroid injection that is used for variety of purposes. However, the most popular use is for development of muscles by athletes and sports persons.