Testosterone Propionate



Testosterone Propionate is a fast acting oil-based injectable steroid that is known as one of the fastest testosterone esters on the market. Propionate is much faster than Enanthate or cypionate meaning that it requires a more frequent injection cycle with more explosive results right after injection. The nice part about this steroid is that it can clear the body quickly making it the perfect choice for any regularly tested athlete.
Testosterone-based steroids are amongst some of the most popular in the world because they are considered among the most basic medications for athletes to take for performance-enhancing results. Introducing this medication to any cycle produces anabolic and androgenic properties. Propionate leads to big gains when it comes to strength and size in muscles and also improves the libido and sex drive.
Proper anti estrogen medication will need to be taken to counteract any estrogen-based side effects. Taking Nolvadex and Arimidex through a cycle can ensure that results are normalized and no side effects are present.
In order to normalize body chemistry at the end of a testosterone cycle it’s also very important to take medication like Clomid, Nolvadex or HCG for 3 to 4 weeks to restore the full pituitary functions of the body to ensure that all of your steroid results are kept.
Recommended dosage for men is 250-750 mg each week.