Zionova Anavar


Zionova Anavar


If you are in search of a steroid that improves your physical performance and lets you enjoy a better workout routine, Anavar is the one. Primarily designed for medical use for helping in muscle growth among patients suffering from diseases such as HIV and AIDs, Anavar got the attention of the bodybuilding world.



Anavar is an anabolic steroid sold under the brand name Oxandrolone. It is ideal for cutting and performance-enhancing. It is loved because of its ability to help you lose fat without affecting the muscles built from extensive work. It does not produce harsh side effects like other steroids either.

As you start taking Anavar, your body will experience some changes and the number one is improved strength. Get ready to feel more energized than ever. Now, you will be able to train harder at the gym and do the intensive workout you always wished to do.

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The half-life of Anavar is 10 hours, which means you will have to divide your dosage into two. It is recommended to take between 30 to 80 mg of Anavar depending on your goal whether it’s cutting, bulking or improving your strength.

Do not exceed the dosage and abuse the steroid to expedite the results. This will only cause health problems.

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